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We have all seen someone with a tan that is not so perfect, and while ensuring your tan is done by a professional using correct equipment and a high quality product, there is plenty you can do before and after your appointment to ensure the best results possible every time. If you every have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us anytime. We want to make sure you are always prepared.


Before your appointment it’s all about creating the most even and absorbent canvas possible to allow our technician to work her magic.

Exfoliation!- The most important thing to do before a spray tan is to exfoliate away all those old dead skin cells, that way the skin we tan lasts you as long as possible. It will also mean your tan will fade more evenly when it does fade, rather than in random areas first and looking unnatural. You can do this with a store bought body scrub and/or an exfoliating mitt or loofa in the shower rubbing small circles over all of your skin. It’s important to not scrub so hard that you break the skin and cause any pain/stinging. If you still have old tan left from last time, it’s really important that you soften your skin before you scrub. You can do this by soaking in your bath, spending a bit of time in a steam room/sauna, exercising or simply by covering yourself in a thick moisturiser 10-15 minutes before you jump in the shower to scrub. This will make your dead skin cells easier to remove.

No barriers!- you want to make sure when you arrive for your appointment, there are no barriers between your skin and the product we are applying. Make sure your skin is nice and clean with no make-up, moisturiser, deodorant, oils, or anything else you typically apply. If you have remaining oils etc on your skin, you may find that the spray tanning product won’t absorb as much as it should and you might end up with a much lighter or less even tan.

Hair removal!- Ideally all waxing or shaving should be done 24 hours or more before your appointment to give your skin time to get over the trauma. Some people do this closer to their spray tan and find it works well for them, however the important thing here is that you exfoliate after you shave/wax to bring your skin back to its most natural state.

Be prepared!- Make sure you come to your appointment on time and ready to roll with everything you need to make it home with your tan intact. Bring a loose fitting dark outfit to wear afterwards, no tight jeans or singlets. A baggy t-shirt dress is usually ideal, but anything that doesn’t leave red lines on your skin (the way tights or bras do) should be perfect. Also remember that if the weather is rainy, you’ll need to bring loose long sleeves, shoes and umbrella to avoid any stray drops.

Post tan

After getting a spray tan, there are a few things you need to remember in order to maintain the most natural looking tan for as long as possible. It’s now all about keeping those tanned skin cells on your body.

Stay dry!- Make sure you avoid coming into contact with any moisture for the first 8 hours (or until you have your first shower) this includes sweating, washing hands (be careful only get water on your palms), swimming, dancing in the rain and any other fun water activities.

Be gentle!- When you do shower, don’t exfoliate or scrub your skin, use a gentle soap or body wash that won’t be too harsh on your skin. A PH balanced product will be best, but usually anything that states “for sensitive skin” will work well. Then pat yourself dry afterwards, no harsh rubbing with your towel. Remember your tan will only last as long as your outer layer of skin stays on your body, try to avoid clothing that rubs and scratches away at your skin or you’ll lose skin faster in these areas. If you need to shave during your tan (at least the day after) use a gentle moisturiser as a barrier, cover the area to be shaved, let the moisturizer soak in for a few minutes, then jump in the shower to shave.

Stay nourished!- Use a water based moisturizer (nothing too thick or oily) on your whole body daily to keep your skin moist and supple. It may seem silly but staying hydrated from the inside out will always benefit your tans, drinking plenty of water and eating a diet full of antioxidants and good fats will ensure the health of your skin, and therefore prolong the natural look of your tan. You can also use a tinted moisturizer/gradual tan builder such as “summer glow” or “holiday skin” from about day 3-4 every second time you moisturise to help prolong the life of your tan.

Yell out if you need help!- We all remember our first spray tan and it can be pretty confusing if you’ve never really thought about it before. But don’t forget, we are the experts and deal with tanning all day every day. Never feel uncomfortable to give us a call or text or email to ask for advice. We will always help in whatever way we can and will provide you with a take home sheet with this info so you can pop it on the fridge if you need. We also offer free next day touch ups just in case something goes wrong and your tan doesn’t look perfect the next day, just give us a call and we will accommodate as best we can.

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