Your booking is 15 minutes. This should allow enough time to decide on the appropriate product to suit your desired results, perform the procedure, dry off and discuss aftercare/answer any other questions you might have.
We understand that things happen and traffic around Brisbane can be unpredictable, but with such a short appointment time, even running 5-10 minutes late when the salon is fully booked can make things difficult for us to stay on schedule. We will always be able to fit you in but please understand that you may have to wait for other clients with bookings who are on time and be ready to be slipped in between bookings. We will never rush a service or compromise your quality of service, so you can be waiting a while. To be safe, always make a booking for when you feel you can arrive on time or a few minutes early. If you need to reschedule please let us know and we will always do our best to accommodate.
Card payments are the most convenient for us, however we are happy with either.
Women- you can wear as much or as little as you are comfortable in. Keep in mind that whatever you wear during the spray tan, will be exactly where your tan lines will end up. We have clients who wear a singlet and shorts and we have clients who go completely nude, and everywhere in between. We provide disposable g-strings which you are welcome to use.

Men- Please bring an old pair of underwear to be tanned in. We don’t have disposables suitable for men but you are welcome to wear something more skimpy such as a g-string you’ve brought from home. At this time we only have female technicians and do not provide tans to naked men. Please be aware, this is a personal choice and not meant to offend anyone.

The best thing to wear is a loose, dark, comfortable outfit that won’t make you sweat or leave imprints on your skin (the way a tight pair of jeans will leave a seam imprint or a bra will leave red lines). If it is cold or wet weather, aim for a loose light material long sleeved shirt and pants/skirt and umbrella to avoid stray drops. Also aim for loose slip on shoes, socks aren’t the best idea and you don’t want any tight, sweaty or rubbing strappy shoes.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You will feel slightly sticky when leaving the salon, but no colour should be beaded on the surface of your skin or obvious to a passerby. Before we finish the service, we check all over for any spots that may need more drying off with the air hose or perfecting, we will then give the hose to you and let you continue to dry off until you feel you can get dressed. (This should only take a minute or two)

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