As of 1st December 2021, all our prices are changing.

When it comes to your spray tan, you truly only get what you pay for. A cheap tan will look cheap. And the price may not cover many hidden extras.

Unlike other salons that charge extra for decent brands and ‘rapid’ tans, we stock only the highest quality products and our standard fee covers whichever tan you choose based on your complimentary comprehensive skin & colour consultation. We also include free next day touch-ups for any reason, whether you get rained on or just want it a little darker. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Current prices valid to 30th November, 2021. New pricing commences 1st December, 2021.

New Prices – Effective 1st December 2021

Spray Tan Price*
Full Body Tan $50
Upper Body only $30
Legs only $25
Double Dip (next day only) $25
Next day touch up FREE!

10% surcharge applies for Sunday/Monday or public holiday bookings

*Prices are all inclusive:
•Any shade – including our darkest tan
•Any product – including rapid tans
•Any applications – incl extra/heavy coat

Value Pack Price
Pack of 3 Full Body Tans $135
Pack of 5 Full Body Tans $215
Pack of 10 Full Body Tans $400
Unlimited Tanning*

1 month – (minimum 3 tans guaranteed)

3 months – (minimum 10 tans guaranteed)




*Unlimited packs – a one-time payment for guaranteed value – no sign up, no direct debit, no recurring payment. Unlike subscription models, we don’t want you paying if you’re not tanning. You’ll get guaranteed tans on your account with no expiry date, in case life gets busy and you don’t use them during the unlimited period. There is no upper limit! Come in as many times as you want for either 1 calendar month (guaranteed 3 tans minimum) or 3 calendar months (guaranteed 10 tans minimum) for maximum value.

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Current Prices – Valid to 30th November, 2021

Spray Tan Price
Full body $40
Outside Core Trading Hours* $50
Upper Body $25
Legs $15
Double Dip (Next Day) $20
Next day touch up Free!
Value Pack Price
Pack of 3 tans $100
Pack of 5 tans $150
Pack of 10 tans $300

Unlimited pack – starts at $100 per month- Paid per season of 3 months and guarantees a minimum of 10 full body spray tans. (During colder times, one month at a time can be purchased, you can call and discuss this with us at any time to see what will best suit your needs)

 * Standard pricing applies during our Core Trading Hours. We also offer After Hours Appointments for your convenience. Surcharge pricing applies outside Core Trading Hours.